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Mut zum Leben

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The people in our film

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Esther Bejarano
“Solidarity played a big role. The support which we gave each other enabled us to keep on living.”
There was a time when she had to play for her life in the Girls’ Orchestra of Auschwitz.
Today the eighty eight year old Esther Bejarano performs on stage with rappers.
In her songs, she calls for resistance to fascism and xenophobia.
Article about Esther Bejarano in the New York Times, 2014/06/28

Yehuda Bacon
“Whoever has been in hell knows that there is no alternative to goodness.”
As a fourteen year old boy, secretly and in mortal danger, he made drawings of life and death
in Auschwitz. Today the eighty three year old Israeli painter Yehuda Bacon passes on his message
as an artist of conciliation and humaneness to the next generations.

Éva Pusztai-Fahidi
“In those of us who returned from Auschwitz, the life force is very deep. We know how valuable life is.”
On the ramp at Auschwitz, Éva Pusztai-Fahidi lost her entire family to the gas chamber.
Now after fifty nine years of silence, the eighty seven year old has written a book about
her Hungarian family and relations. Since writing the book the dedicated ‘Holocaust-activist’
gives lectures and readings to stop the past from being forgotten.

Greta Klingsberg
In 1938, a few months after the German annexation of Austria,
Greta Klingberg fled to Czechoslovakia, but was deported from there when she was 12
to Terezín concentration camp. In Terezín, she sang the leading role of Aninka
in over 50 performances of the legendary childrens’ opera Brundibár by Hans Krása.
Greta and almost all of the children from those performances were further deported
to Auschwitz. She is the only known female survivor.
After liberation, she emigrated to Jerusalem. It is thanks to her initiative and dedication
that Brundibár is being performed again in many countries throughout the world.