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Mut zum Leben

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Homage to life

Insights of Survivors of Auschwitz

A film about courage, resistance and the indestructible dignity
of the human spirit by Christa Spannbauer and Thomas Gonschior

Esther Bejarano, singer, 88, Hamburg:
“Solidarity played a big role in all concentration-camps.
The support which we gave each other enabled us to keep on living.”

Yehuda Bacon, painter, 83, Jerusalem:
“Whoever has been in hell knows that there is no alternative to goodness.”

Éva Pusztai-Fahidi, author, 87, Budapest:
In those of us who returned from Auschwitz, the life force is very deep.
We know how valuable life is.

Greta Klingsberg, singer, 83, Jerusalem:
“To have survived is no particular distinction.
It all depends on what you then do with it.”

In Auschwitz one of the central assaults on humanity in the history of civilisation
took place. How did the survivors manage to withstand such an attack on their
own humanity? What gave them the strength to survive and to continue on
with their lives?
The film portrays four people of exceptional courage, indestructible hope
and deep compassion. Having experienced firsthand great inhumanity
they became teachers of humaneness. As survivors of Auschwitz,
they instill courage in all of us to fully serve and value life.

All now in their eighties, they speak out and campaign so that no one ever again
has to experience what they did. In their lectures, readings, concerts, with their art
and music, Esther Bejarano, Éva Fahidi and Yehuda Bacon express their resolve
for conciliation and the unbroken power of their creativity.
The survivors show that as well as the incalculable suffering of the Holocaust,
something else exists: the triumph of humaneness over inhumanity.
The film becomes a homage to life.
“A new and highly relevant approach to the subject of the Holocaust that adds
a fascinating and valuable facet to the ostensibly often told and yet unique stories:
the possibility of the courage to live and the will to live, of empathy, of keeping
human dignity and the strength to resist, which the individual, even in unimaginable
living conditions, can develop and preserve.”
(Prof. Dr. Johannes Tuchel,
Director of the German Resistance Memorial Centre, on the film)

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“For me, the survivors of Auschwitz are the great teachers of humanity.”
Christa Spannbauer, author and director, living in Berlin.

“Their testimony enables you to feel within the depth of yourself what humanity
and dignity can be.”
Thomas Gonschior, author, director and producer, living in Munich.

Thomas Gonschior & Christa Spannbauer

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